Ink Jet Coders/Markers

Affordable solutions to code & mark products with superb print quality

Establishing and promoting brand image, enhancing traceability, regulatory compliance, and providing quality assurance to consumers are the key factors in driving manufacturers to mark and code their products. Using Industrial Inkjet Coding Printers, manufacturers can have an affordable solution to code & mark their products with superb print quality and maximum production uptime. And, this type of printing technology is suitable for a wide range of applications. Our advanced inks are engineered to adhere in the most challenging environments and deliver product markings that endure throughout the supply chain. Some of the industries using  printers are:

  • automotive
  • beverage (cans and bottles)
  • building products (wood, cement, extrusions)
  • consumer packaged goods
  • electronics (printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • pharmaceutical (UDI Marking)
  • plastics and rubber goods (plastic film and sheets, plastic and rubber pipes & hoses)