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Shrink wrapping is generally used for packages intended for retail display. These packages are totally enclosed in high-quality polyolefin film chosen for its ability to provide a clear,sparkling finished package to be placed on a shelf. From tabletop L-Bar to high-speed automatic shrink packaging machinery, Saturn Packaging offers a wide range of shrink wrap solutions depending on your needs.

Labeling and printing can be integrated with your desired Shrink Packaging system, whether its top, bottom, side corner applications. 


At Saturn Packaging, we offer regular and industrial grade solutions adapted to your products and level of automation. L-sealers are named for the L-shaped seal pattern which consists of an end and side seal of a package as well as the front seal of the trailing package. Generally combined with a shrink tunnel, these sealers can be affordable and versatile wrappers within a certain range of product sizes. Available in different seal sizes.   

The Saturn Packaging Alpha, Kappa, StarPak, Gamma, Beta and Delta semi-automatic sealers allow for greater control over the packaging of individual products thanks to the L-bar sealing system. Our combination sealers models with integrated heat tunnel, Alpha, Kappa and StarPak are compatible with options to upgrade the equipment depending on your needs while maximizing your floor space. All three types are suited to industrial mas sproduction as well as manual packaging and can be used for sealing (L-bartechnology) as well as shrink wrapping. 

The advantages and the flexibility of two units in one heavy duty frame with one power source.

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