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Shrink tunnels play an important role regarding the appearance of the shrink package. The heater size, fan velocity, volume of air, control of the direction of the air, belt type, and tunnel length are all critical factors in the choice of a tunnel.

Saturn Packaging forced air convection shrink tunnels feature digital temperature control, high velocity blowers, automatic cool down, variable speed conveyors. Saturn Packaging offers three different models (Gamma, Beta, Delta) depending on your product size. All three models can either have the standard Teflon mesh belt conveyor or rollers or metal chain conveyor belt. The Delta model can either be built with a single chamber, double chamber or triple chamber. All three models have a complete stainless steel wash down construction option.

A shrink tunnel is a heated tunnel with a conveyor system running through the tunnel. The heat settings and conveyor speed of the shrink tunnel can be adjusted to properly heat a shrink film. The heat applied to the shrink film enables the film to tightly conform to the product within the film. Shrink tunnels are used in a variety of industries for retail packaging, food packaging, and industrial packaging.


Shrink tunnels are a great option to help increase production while offering a consistent shrink rate to all products. There are a variety of tunnels and combo sealer sets to choose from. The heat shrink wrap tunnels offered online are to accommodate all ranges of production. We also sell conveyor belts, L-Bar sealers and side sealers to work with each shrink tunnel.

Each shrink tunnel has a variety of differences including: speed, chamber dimensions, legs, control panels, and more. Below is a brief description of each tunnel we offer online. Call us for other tunnel heights and widths available.

Recommended Tunnel Settings

Shrink tunnel settings are important when setting up a new shrink tunnel. The proper settings will allow packages to obtain a consistent professional look. We will go over a brief description of each setting located on the control panel. Optimal settings differ depending on the type and thickness of shrink wrap being used.



This is the internal temperature of the tunnel. The recommended temperature will vary depending on the type of film being used and the thickness of the film. The two most common types of centerfold shrink film used with shrink tunnels are 75 gauge PVC or Polyolefin shrink film. An optimal setting for the PVC shrink film is between 210 – 230 degrees Fahrenheit.  For a 75 gauge polyolefin film the optimal setting is between 260 – 280 degrees Fahrenheit.


Conveyor Speed

The conveyor speed is often more important than the temperature setting. Many beginners dramatically increase temperature settings when slower conveyor speeds are needed. Setting a new shrink tunnel to the lower end of the recommended heat setting with a slower conveyor speed (1.5-3) will increase the life of the tunnel. If higher conveyor speeds are needed slowly increase temp. settings until all dog ears and wrinkles are out of the shrink film.

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