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If are looking for a maintenance-free printer with a simple interface, excellent print quality, and simple operation, the RN Mark IJP-72N is an ideal choice.

With a singular design, the ink system, controller and print head are integrated into one robust unit, making this a portable printer.

The IJP-72N is a high-resolution, high speed, large character industrial printer, which offers remarkable product coding and marking performance. Using oil- and solvent-based inks it can print text, logos, counters, barcodes, time, and dates on a variety of porous & non-porous surfaces with superior print resolution. The printer connects to the network through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and RS-232, so, it can be controlled and operated from anywhere in the production facility.

8 Benefits of the IJP-72N Printer

1. Quick set-up – integrates easily into your production line
2. Superior print quality – markings are easy to read & scan
3. Print anything – graphics, images, logos
4. Print on everything – code & mark any surface
5. No downtime – easy & rapid code change
6. Turn-on & start printing – hassle-free operation
7. No maintenance – print head stays clean
8. Portability – quickly and easily change its installed location


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