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Low Shrink Force Cross-Linked film ideal for Soft Items &
Odd Shaped Products

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® MVP film is an innovative shrink film
for a wide range of packaging applications. This cross-linked film is
especially suitable for low shrink applications and where low shrinkage
temperatures and high shrinkage speeds are required. Quickly formed, strong
seals make this film an excellent choice for a variety of packaging machines.
This film is designed to perform on all types of “L” bar sealers, high speed
side sealers and automatic form fill and seal equipment with either thermal or
static seal systems. *


Non-irradiated High Slip Film Ideal for High Speed Automatic

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC 307S film is recommended for packaging
applications where maximum optics and durable wrapping are required. Strong
seals and excellent shrink appearance are obtained with ease. This film is
especially suitable for use on medium and high speed packaging systems. This
film runs well on high speed form fill and seal machines equipped with a static
seal system. *


General Purpose Cross-Linked film with Wide Seal & Shrink
Temperature Range

Shrink Polyolefin SYTEC® 701 film is a new polyolefin shrink
film for a wide range of packaging applications. The innovative crosslink
process provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage. Optical
properties are superior. This film exhibits outstanding abuse resistance and is
easy to use. 701 is designed to seal on “L” bar sealers along with high speed
side seal equipment. Downloadable pdf file contains information on the 701
anti-fog film, as well. *



Cross-Linked film Designed for Heavy Duty Packaging – Replace
Heavy Gauge Poly or Corrugated Packaging

This heavy duty shrink film offers both the manufacturer and end
user clear advantages. The cost advantage: More cost effective than corrugated
cartons; One-step package that requires very few packaging aids (tapes, inner
bags, bands, etc.); Reduces volume and weight of packaged goods, decreasing the
cost of transport and warehousing. The operational advantage: Lends itself
easily to automation of the packaging process; Minimizes stocking space of
packaging material and of packaged goods; Simplifies stock of packaging
materials – one size for many items = less items in stock. The shelf advantage:
Allows clear view of the product at sale point; Allows the customer to make
sure the purchased kit is complete; Result: fewer returns, fewer disappointed


Anti-Fog Shrink Film to Enhance Presentation and Extend
Freshness of Fresh Foods and Produce

A cross-linked shrink film with anti-fog properties developed
especially for fresh produce and other fresh & frozen packaging
applications. This soft, flexible film performs beautifully on a wide range of
shrink packaging equipment, especially on high speed flow-pack machines.

syfan shrink film

Other film available: cryovac shrink film, bollore shrink film


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