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Shrink Sealer Types Overview

Exploring the World of Shrink Sealers: Types and Applications

Shrink sealers are essential tools in the world of packaging, offering various types to meet specific needs. In this blog post, we will delve into different types of shrink sealers and the types of plastic film rolls commonly used with them. Whether you're a small business owner, a manufacturer, or a retailer, finding the perfect shrink sealer to suit your needs is essential. Saturn Packaging is your trusted source, offering a wide range of shrink sealers to meet your specific requirements.

Heat Shrink Tunnels:

Heat shrink tunnels are a popular choice for high-volume packaging operations. They work by passing products through a heated tunnel, where the shrink film tightly conforms to the item, creating a secure and professional seal. Saturn Packaging provides various heat shrink tunnels and the corresponding polyolefin and PVC shrink films to complete your packaging setup.

Side Sealers:

Side sealers are designed for packaging long or bulky items. They have a sealing bar that moves horizontally to create a seal on the sides of the product. Saturn Packaging offers side sealers that work seamlessly with polyethylene or polyolefin shrink films, ensuring the right fit for your packaging needs.

L-Bar Sealers:

L-bar sealers create an L-shaped seal around products and are often used for items with irregular shapes. They work seamlessly with polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films, providing clarity and versatility for different products.

Intermittent Motion Sealers:

When precision is crucial, intermittent motion shrink sealers are the way to go. Saturn Packaging has a variety of intermittent motion sealers that are compatible with a range of shrink film types, including polyolefin, PVC, and polyethylene.

Box Motion Sealers:

Box motion sealers are known for their efficiency in sealing various-sized products. Saturn Packaging's box motion sealers are compatible with polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films, offering a strong, clear seal for a wide range of items.

Continuous Motion Sealers:

For high-speed operations, continuous motion shrink sealers are essential. Saturn Packaging provides a selection of continuous motion sealers designed for high-volume packaging, with the option to choose polyolefin shrink film for its versatility and excellent seal quality.

Types of Plastic Film Rolls:

  • Polyolefin: Polyolefin shrink film is a top choice for its versatility, clarity, and seal strength. It is compatible with most shrink sealer types and is often used for retail packaging, food products, and more.
  • PVC: PVC shrink film offers good clarity and is known for its glossy finish. It is commonly used with heat shrink tunnels and is popular for packaging CDs, DVDs, and other optical media.
  • Polyethylene: Polyethylene shrink film is cost-effective and works well with various shrink sealer types. It is used for packaging a wide range of products, including industrial parts and promotional materials.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect shrink sealer and compatible plastic film rolls to meet your packaging needs, Saturn Packaging is your trusted partner. Their extensive range of shrink sealers and expertise in the field ensures that you'll find the ideal solution for your packaging operations. For tailored packaging solutions that match your unique requirements, don't hesitate to consult with Saturn Packaging's experts and explore their comprehensive product offerings.

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