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Comparing Saturn Conveyor Builds

Navigating Saturn Packaging Conveyors: Understanding the Different Levels of Build

In the dynamic world of manufacturing and packaging, efficiency, hygiene, and durability are paramount. Saturn Packaging, a renowned name in the industry, offers a range of conveyors designed to meet diverse needs. Each conveyor level represents a different standard of construction, catering to specific operational requirements. Let's delve into the various levels of build provided by Saturn Packaging, from Level 1 to the top-tier Level 4, to understand their features and applications.

Level 1: Painted Steel

At the foundational level, Saturn Packaging offers conveyors constructed from painted steel. These conveyors provide robust support for basic packaging needs. They are ideal for industries with moderate operational demands and limited exposure to harsh environments. Level 1 conveyors feature bolted legs and bolted cross members, ensuring stability and ease of assembly. The carryways are also bolted for straightforward maintenance and adjustments.

Level 2: Wipe Down Stainless Steel

Moving up the ladder, Level 2 conveyors feature stainless steel construction, enhancing corrosion resistance and longevity. The wipe-down design facilitates easy cleaning, making these conveyors suitable for industries with stricter hygiene standards. Level 2 conveyors strike a balance between affordability and improved durability, featuring bolted legs, bolted carryways (not removable) and a 12ga U frame design for structural stability. This design allows for straightforward maintenance and adjustment.

Level 3: Washdown Stainless Steel

Level 3 conveyors take cleanliness to the next level with washdown-grade stainless steel construction. These conveyors are engineered to withstand regular cleaning with water and mild detergents, ensuring thorough sanitation. Ideal for industries requiring frequent washdowns to maintain hygiene standards, Level 3 conveyors offer enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. They feature a 10ga angled frame design (to minimise horizontal surfaces), bolted cross beams and bolted leg construction, providing structural integrity while facilitating ease of assembly and maintenance. Additionally, Level 3 conveyors come equipped with a stainless steel gear motor, washdown-rated control panel drive system, and removal UHMW and HDPE carryways.

Level 4: Sanitary Stainless Steel

At the pinnacle of Saturn Packaging's conveyor offerings lies Level 4: the sanitary stainless steel build. These conveyors are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, featuring continuous welded leg construction and welded cross members. This seamless design minimizes crevices where contaminants can accumulate, ensuring uncompromising cleanliness. Level 4 conveyors also incorporate spacers to prevent contaminants from hiding, further enhancing sanitation. Additionally, Level 4 conveyors are equipped with clean-out holes, an angled design to minimize horizontal surfaces, and water clear-out holes to eliminate accumulation. These features ensure thorough cleaning and prevent the buildup of debris or contaminants.

Moreover, Level 3 and Level 4 conveyors offer the option to use either thermoplastic polyurethane belts or plastic modular belts, providing flexibility to meet specific application requirements.

In addition to the options available for Level 3, Level 4 conveyors can feature advanced cleaning enhancements such as:

  • Chain lift with lever
  • Chain release take up
  • Lift-up idle ends
  • Removable tool-less guide rails
  • Spray nozzles for targeted cleaning
  • Drum motor instead of traditional gear motor
  • Further customizable spray nozzle configurations

Beyond Level 4: Custom Solutions

While Level 4 represents the highest standard of sanitation and durability offered by Saturn Packaging, the company also provides custom solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Whether it's incorporating specialized materials, unique conveyor configurations, or integrating advanced sanitation features, Saturn Packaging collaborates closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions that align with their operational requirements and regulatory compliance.

In conclusion, Saturn Packaging's conveyor systems offer a range of build levels to accommodate diverse industry needs. From the foundational Level 1 to the pinnacle of sanitation with Level 4, each level represents a progression in durability, cleanliness, and suitability for different operational environments. By understanding these levels and their respective features, businesses can make informed decisions when selecting conveyors to optimize their packaging processes. With additional options available for Levels 3 and 4, including belt type flexibility and advanced sanitation features, Saturn Packaging ensures that even the most demanding requirements can be met with efficiency and reliability.

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