Packaging Accessories
and Specialty Products

Saturn Accessories are the Perfect Way
to Complete Your Supply Chain

Complete your inventory of packaging machinery with supplemental machinery and essential accessories from Équipement d’emballage Saturn. A number of our products are compact and affordable, perfect for small or medium-sized businesses. To find out more, see our list of related product specifications.

  • Impulse sealers
  • Hot air guns
  • Tabletop sealers (Econo series)
  • Sealers with portable heat shrinking tunnels (Solution series)
  • Shipping machine (Post-IT)
  • Rotary tables
  • Work tables
  • Film unrollers
  • Box and card distributors
  • Customized systems and automation aids
  • Equipment adapted for left-handed use
  • Sealers with two sealing heads
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